Money and Weather are the Only Reasons to Sign with Miami Dolphins


One of the things I love most about free agency is that it gives a glimpse into the type of player and person these free agents are.

What I mean by that is that it’s easy to tell who is in it for the money and who is in it for the ring. 2013 is no different, as one team, the Miami Dolphins, continue to get mentioned as a major player. The problem with that is, the Dolphins have very little to offer a player looking to add hardware to his trophy case. This is not even taking into account that they have arguably the worst general manager in sports running the franchise.

For starters, Miami has continued uncertainty at quarterback. Ryan Tannehill was considered by many to be the biggest reach of the 2012 NFL Draft. He finished the season as the No. 23 quarterback in the league in terms of completion percentage and No. 27 in passer rating. There are no guarantees that he improves those numbers in 2013.

Complicating matters even more is the pending loss of offensive tackle Jake Long, protector of Tannehill’s blindside. Miami’s offensive line is a list of no-names that screams mediocre. They are already without a legitimate consistent threat at the running back position. Who want to sign up to run behind a line of nobodies?

The Dolphins then line up Davone Bess and Brian Hartline at wide receiver. I suppose this is why they keep getting mentioned as a player for Mike Wallace, but again, does Wallace want to go from playing for one of the greatest franchises in the league to getting knocked around week in, week out on one of the most ho-hum rosters in the NFL?

Defensively, outside of Cameron Wake, the Dolphins seem to be undermanned at every position. This again begs the question: Who would want to join this team?

Look, I understand that some people enjoy a challenge and want to be part of building something from the ground up. Sadly, in free agency, that just isn’t the case. As former Colts G.M. Bill Polian stated on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning early Tuesday, the start of free agency is a terrible day for good teams and what ends up being a disappointing day for fans of bad teams.

Polian explained how players who leave good teams almost always hurt their old teams more than they help their new teams. In the meantime, bad teams think they can change their fortunes with one big score during free agency, which is almost never the case. Polian concluded by explaining that more mistakes are made during free agency then during the draft.

Having said all of this, I don’t hold it against any player who wants to go work in a warm tropical place like Miami for an employer who will pay you more money. Most of us, including myself, would do the same. But don’t get it twisted. Don’t let these players give you the illusion that they are making the jump to bad teams like the Dolphins because they think they can help them to the promised land. They can’t and they know it. It’s all about the money.




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