Dimitroff and the Atlanta Falcons Winning Quietly During Free Agency


The most noise Atlanta has made during free agency happened today with the signing of Steven Jackson.

The Falcons are a team who has been on the cusp of getting to the Super Bowl recently, something every team would like to be year in, year out. They are remaining relavent with smart decisions like the ones they’ve made so far during the 2013 Free Agent signing period.

If you have something that works, your top priority is maintaining it. Atlanta has done that by convincing Tony Gonzalez to keep playing, resigning Sam Baker and signing Jackson.

Jackson’s signing filled the only real hole Atlanta had heading into the offseason after the release of Michael Turner, one of the most consistent and dependable backs in the NFL during recent years. Jackson’s own dependability and effectiveness enables the Falcons to press on without skipping a beat.

Basically, Jackson may not the the final piece of the puzzle that pushes Atlanta over the top, but he’ll be one of the pieces that allows them to stay there.

The Atlanta Falcons are quickly becoming one of the league’s model organizations, thanks in large part to the leadership and decisions of general manager Thomas Dimitroff (pictured). Atlanta’s recent rise in organizational prestige coincides with Dimitroff’s presence there.

This comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with Dimitroff’s backround. His father was a quarterback at Notre Dame under Ara Parseghian, so young Thomas was obviously exposed to and aware of the game at a young age. His managerial skills from a football standpoint can be traced back to what he learned while on Bill Belichick’s Cleveland Browns staff in the 1990’s, where he got his start as a member of the stadium grounds crew.

Dimitroff was obviously taking notes from Belichick during that time and has continued to do so. The acquisition of of Jackson, a veteran back who many feel still has some good years left in him is reminiscent of New England’s signing of Corey Dillion in the early 2000’s — a move that helped the Patriots win their third Super in four years.

I’d keep a close eye on what Atlanta does throughout the rest of free agency as well as the draft if I were a fan of any other NFC teams. The Falcons are quietly doing what needs to be done to stay at the top of the conference and again compete for a berth in the Super Bowl.

Falcon fans cant really ask for much more from their administration.




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