Learning From Aaron Hernandez: An Open Letter to Pro Athletes


This could be called “Learning from every athlete who has done something stupid off the field”, but given the current situation going on with Aaron Hernandez, I think the name fits for now.

I don’t care if he’s guilty or innocent or saw it happen or what. The point is, this shit keeps happening to you guys and nobody seems to learn from it.

I don’t get you guys. At one point in our lives, you and I were the same. Most of us were lower-middle class kids with a dream of one day playing professional sports for millions of dollars. At some point, I figured out that wouldn’t happen for me, but the dream did come true for you.

So here you are. You make a living by playing a game that I assume you love and get paid, in many cases, more money in a month than most of us make in a year. You can afford private chefs, private drivers, your own bowling alley/basketball court/full service bar in your own home.

You work along side other people just like you. You build strong relationships with these people that often development into some of the best lifelong friendships you’ll ever have.

You are living as perfect of a life as anyone could ever dream.

Why then, do so many of you decide that in order to entertain yourselves, you are going to hit the town with people of questionable character, people you may not get along with, and go to places where you need a gun or a knife?

If I know ahead of time that in order to feel safe at a certain location, I need a weapon — guess what? I don’t go. I’ll go somewhere else. If had your money, I might not go anywhere. I’d invite all of my friends over to hang out at the bar in my house and get served by the private bartender on my payroll who would also bring us food made by the private chef on my payroll.

We’d sit around and listen to music, watch movies, play video games — ¬†all the while surrounding ourselves with whatever beautiful women that would be willing to hang out with us — for free. If I needed anything from the store, I’d send a runner.

Am I saying you should just lock yourself up in your house? Of course not. You are likely some sort of celebrity. Go out to events and hang out with other celebrities — people who have as much to lose as you do. Remember, you are a millionaire. No need to hang out at grungy local bars, strip clubs or at an old friend’s house who still lives in the shitty part of town and makes his living by breaking the law.

Chances are, you’ve got a teammate who might be of questionable character. Maybe he’s been in the news for doing some stupid shit. My advice: DON’T HANG OUT WITH THAT ASSHOLE!

Take some time and do an internet search of some celebrity mugshots. Ugly stuff. Read about some of the dumb stuff these idiots did, all of which could have been easily avoided.

Got girl troubles? Cut her loose. Got a kid with this girl and still want to cut her loose? Get a lawyer, head to court, figure out custody, visitation and child support — then cut her loose. But be a good dad to your kid.

Listen people; I make a fraction of what you make, live in a house a tenth of the size of yours, work at a job I’m not real fond of and run a website for nothing on the side. That said, I got a pretty easy life. I can’t imagine how easy it would be if all I had to do was go play my favorite sport and collect ridiculous sums of money for doing so.

Just think about all of this next time some idiot friend of yours wants to go to a strip club in a shady area or a dance club where people get shot frequently. Just don’t go. And don’t carry a gun. And don’t do drugs. And don’t punch strangers. Or girls. And don’t drive drunk and speed.

Oh, and try not to murder anyone.

BY J.P. SCOTT ON JUNE 22, 2013



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