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This is the latest and last installment of Know It All Football’s NFL Power Rankings before the start of preseason. These rankings are that of the editor (J.P. Scott) and do not factor in the opinions of the other writers on the site. We will release a new set of rankings that reflects the collective opinion of all of the writers toward the end of preseason play.

1. Denver Broncos — They just look like the most complete team right now. The addition of Wes Welker and Montee Ball make this far and away the most complete offense on paper. The defense is good enough to make opposing teams struggle to match Denver’s offensive production.

2. Atlanta Falcons — They were so close to playing for the Lombardi last season. They return the top receiving duo in the league and bolster their running game with Steven Jackson. Their defense has filled all the holes it needed to in the offseason. They look like the most complete team in the NFC.

3. Baltimore Ravens — The champs return a younger and faster lineup in 2013 on both sides of the ball. Expect Torrey Smith to emerge as one of the better receivers in the AFC and Flacco to prove he was worth the money he made in the offseason. Dumervil was a huge pickup on defense and should be as effective as he was in Denver.

4. San Francisco 49ers — I dropped them based off the Crabtree injury and all the silliness I’m hearing with lining up Vernon Davis at wideout. The defense will be one of the league’s best once again, but I’m not sure I trust this offense in the clutch.

5. Cincinnati Bengals — They have depth and experience at every position. They added serious offensive weapons in the draft. This is the team to look out for in 2013.

6. Seattle Seahawks — I’m not as high on them as some are. I actually think Percy Harvin might hurt Wilson’s development. The running game should be solid, I just worry that they are going to try to get too “cute” on offense and have it backfire in a big game.

7. Green Bay Packers — ¬†As long as you got Aaron Rodgers, you’ll be in the hunt. Look for the rookie running back combo of Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin to give the running game a spark it has lacked for a couple of seasons.

8. New England Patriots — Through it all, I think Brady and Belichick find a way to stay in the hunt. I expect big things from Amendola in 2013. I also expect the defense to be greatly improved.

9. Houston Texans — The addition of Ed Reed as a lockerroom leader and the presnece of a true No. 2 receiver in DeAndre Hopkins could be all this team needs to get them over the hump.

10. New Orleans Saints — With Sean Payton back running the show and Rob Ryan’s aggressive defense, this could be the most dangerous team in the league. Nothing would surprise me.

BY J.P. SCOTT ON JULY 16, 2013



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