NFL 2013: Overhyped Teams and Players Heading Into the Season


Today I will be pointing out the NFL’s players/teams that I feel will not live up to their expectations. This doesn’t mean I don’t think the players or teams are good, it just simply means that they have expectations that are too high for the circumstances that they are under. Enjoy!

Rob Gronkowski– It’s tough for me to put this guy on the list. He has been amazing for the past three years with the Patriots. He’s had an astronomical 38 total touchdowns in 38 total starts. He is a beast to say the least, but when you break the same forearm twice and have a bad back injury that dates back to college, you can’t be the same. Gronkowski is projected by the NFL fantasy experts to be the second best tight end behind Jimmy Graham. I disagree.  With luck, Rob Gronkowski will be a top 10 fantasy option at the tight end position. His doctors aren’t even sure he’ll be ready for week one — and even if he is, he won’t be in top physical condition. You just can’t project someone to be a high-end player under these circumstances.

Pittsburgh Steelers- It seems as if this team is just surviving on its legacy. I believe this is the year the Steelers just stop being a good, well-rounded team. This year, the Ravens and Bengals are cemented in as the top dogs in the AFC North division. Eventually, I believe the Browns might come up and snag the spot behind the Ravens and Bengals, but for now, I just don’t think Ben Roethlisberger can lead an offense that doesn’t have a true star.

Charles Tillman– The Bears’ defense as a whole could also fit here mainly because of the loss of their defensive coordinator, but I’ll just focus on Charles Tillman. Last season, Charles Tillman forced 10 fumbles at the cornerback position, which is unheard of. I’m not ready to say he’s elite yet — I’ll just call him good. Tillman certainly isn’t the best coverage-wise, but he can get the job done.  Ten forced fumbles is an outlier amongst his overall career stat sheet and it seems very likely he will never pull off something like that again. If your fantasy league allows you to draft defensive players, don’t pick him if you are expecting him the same numbers he put up last year.

Joe Flacco– I’ve come across lists of the top 10 current quarterbacks, and on every list, there was Joe Flacco. The $120 million deal was just appalling to me. That is elite quarterback money and to me, Flacco is definitely not elite. Congratulations to him on the Super Bowl win, but it was Ray Lewis who led the Ravens to the Super Bowl, not Joe Flacco. Ray Lewis was the heart of the team, his spirit inspired the Ravens’ players to push themselves to a higher level of play. I think Joe Flacco is a good quarterback, but he won’t win another Super Bowl. He is undoubtedly overhyped.

Heading into the season as a fan or a fantasy owner, whatever you do, don’t be a sucker and believe the hype in regard to these players and teams.




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