Denver Broncos and Their Fans Need to Pipe Down About Flacco Pics


An open letter to the Denver Broncos and their fans:

Really, Denver? I thought you were better than this.

I hear you guys are all upset about the fact that the NFL has put up some pictures and posters around your city to promote the NFL opener between the Ravens and your beloved Broncos Thursday night. Some of those posters have Joe Flacco on them. I’m not sure what the big deal is.

The fact of the matter is, you should feel lucky to even be hosting the game. The only reason the NFL is setting up their show in Denver is because of a parking lot/logistical issue in Baltimore. And yes, this is the NFL’s show. Every year, the defending champ plays on the first Thursday night of the season. It has been that way for a while.

The defending champ is Baltimore. You remember how they got there, don’t you?

Allow me to remind you. Joe Flacco launched a pass over your defensive backfield’s head to send the game into overtime in your own house. Peyton Manning followed that up with a key interception in overtime. You singled out a safety as the scapegoat and sent him packing. Flacco and his team went on to take out New England and the 49ers to win the Lombardi. Confetti all around.

So now, eight months later, you wanna get upset with the NFL and even the Ravens about pics of Joe Flacco around your city? Gimme a break. It makes you guys look petty and bush league. As a franchise, from owner down to the youngest fan, I honestly did think you were better than that. I thought you’d see those pics and understand the occasion. I thought you’d understand that opening night in the NFL belongs to the league and all of the fans, regardless of the stadium they play it in.

I guess I was wrong about you.

Then again, this isn’t the first time Denver and the fans have been in the news for signs and billboards around town. I remember when you guys were all but petitioning the United Nations to make sure Tim Tebow was your starting quarterback. He’s available now. You should go get him.

The bottom line, as I said, is that opening night in the NFL belongs to the NFL and its defending champion. Baltimore is the champion. Joe Flacco is the face of Baltimore. The NFL has every right to market the premier player on the championship team to the fullest extent. That’s what they are doing. That’s what they’ll continue to do.

Now that Bronco nation has collectively shot off at the mouth and come off like a city of crybabies, you’ve put that much more pressure on your team and stress on yourself. Now, after all that talk, the lights will come on Thursday night and your Broncos will have to play a game against the champs — a game that counts. It won’t matter what posters are hanging around your city. It will be your offense vs. their defense and vice versa. All that will matter is what team comes out on top.

You better hope it’s the Broncos. A whole slew of “poster-gate” jabs and jokes await you in the case that it’s not.


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