NFL Power Rankings: Indianapolis Colts Look Like Contenders



This week’s KIAF NFL Power Rankings have the Colts squarely in the hunt for the title of Best Team in the NFL. Their performances over the last three weeks have all been statements to the rest of the league as to what kind of team this could be.

Let’s see what the KIAF Writers Top Ten looks like this week.

1. Denver Broncos — After surviving a scare with one of the only teams in the league that can hang with them on offense, that game against the Colts in Indy looms large next weekend.

2. ┬áNew Orleans Saints — Don’t look now, but the Saints are playing defense too. A trip to New England this weekend will test them.

3. Kansas City Chiefs — I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch this defense play Denver’s offense this season — TWICE.

4. Indianapolis Colts — The Colts have defeated two contenders and blown out a team they were supposed to blow out over the past three weeks. They’ve done everything they can for the rest of the league to take them seriously. They won’t be sneaking up on anyone for the rest of the season.

5. Seattle Seahawks — We never know which version of Russell Wilson is going to show up. The defense is what it is, but the team will go as far as Wilson takes them.

6. Cincinnati Bengals — This team continues to prove it can win in a variety of ways. A shootout win over Green Bay and a grind it out win over the Patriots are proof of that. The only quest is, can they do it on the road?

7. New England Patriots — Even without Wilfork, the defense looks formidable. They’ll get a much needed offensive boost this weekend when Gronkowski returns.

8. Dallas Cowboys — They proved they can play with anyone. They had Denver looking for the door last weekend. Now they need to learn how to finish.

9. San Francisco 49ers — The Aldon Smith news can’t help matters. This team need to collect itself and prepare for a long season and a race to get into the playoffs as opposed to expecting to be the team to beat.

10. Baltimore Ravens — Say what you will, they are the champs and are going to have a say in who comes out of the AFC. It looks like Ray Rice is back to 100%. If this defense can start clicking, look out.



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