B1G Pick’em: Can Michigan State Pull Away in the Legends Division?


The Big Ten season heats up this weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska with a battle for the driver’s seat in the Legends Division. Michigan State will make the trek to Nebraska in an effort to pull away from the field and stop the red hot Huskers.

Four other B1G games are on the docket for the weekend. Let’s see how our writers picked them.

Purdue at Penn State

Ryan Osbahr: Penn State is a different team at home and Purdue is not good – Penn State wins easily.

Dane Marvin: When the announcers comment on how you’ve shown great signs of improvement because you managed to score a touchdown in the game (even if it was on a 30 yard drive post-turnover), you’re a bad team. Penn State all day long.

James Needham: Purdue is horrible, the worst team in the big ten by a good margin. Penn State wins by at least three touchdowns.

J.P. Scott: Penn State has the conference’s best quarterback, best wide receiver and best homefield advantage. Purdue has tickets to home games available for 40 cents. There is a reason for that. Penn State rolls.

Gary Wilson: Penn State could use this week after getting a sound whooping last week in Minnesota. Purdue does what it does best and loses in Happy Valley. Penn State by three touchdowns.

Indiana at Wisconsin

Ryan Osbahr: Wisconsin is the 2nd most complete team in the conference and Indiana poses nearly no threat in Camp Randall.

Dane Marvin:  Indiana can beat Wisconsin, they just won’t. The Badgers are simply playing too well. I like them by a touchdown.

James Needham: The Hoosiers keep it close, but the Badgers are too big upfront and win by ten.

J.P. Scott: This is one of those games that will show people that unlike other conferences, the Big Ten’s elite teams know how to get the job done against its mediocre teams – no excuses necessary. Wisconsin rolls in a four quarter physical beatdown.

Gary Wilson: The Hoosiers are still one of the best offenses in the country but down a skill position starter is not the way to get a win in Camp Randall. The Wisconsin defense shows us tomorrow why they’re only 7 points away from an undefeated season (excluding the screw job at Sun Devil). Wisconsin by three touchdowns.

Ohio State at Illinois

Ryan Osbahr: This will be another style points win for TOSU. They know they have to pound their opponents into submission from here on out and will do just that.

Dane Marvin: This is simply one more stop on Ohio State’s campaign to the Rose Bowl and, sadly, not the National Title game. The Buckeyes should win by no less than four touchdowns.

James Needham: Yikes, this could get ugly fast. OSU wins easy. Blowout, maybe even a shutout.

J.P. Scott: Ohio State is on a mission. Urban Meyers knows how to play the game and the game involves laying waste to everyone in your path in order to try to convince others of your worth. Illinois is powerless to stop it and the Buckeyes smoke the Illini, possibly by as much as 50 points.

Gary Wilson: Poor Tim Beckman is going to end up with a permanent Mike Leach sad face. Illinois stands as much a chance in this game as I do at being at Olympic gymnast. Ohio State by 5 touchdowns.

Michigan at Northwestern

Ryan Osbahr: Northwestern gets its first conference win here. They had a week to prepare while Michigan is at its lowest point since the Rich Rod era.

Dane Marvin:  Two pre-season titans clash now as mere “also-rans” in the 2013 college football season. I believe Michigan will continue to plummet. Northwestern by a field goal.

James Needham: Two teams whose seasons have come off the tracks, but Michigan is a bit better.  I like the Wolverines by two touchdowns.

J.P. Scott: Northwestern is better than their record. Injuires have ravaged their season, but now they face a Michigan team who has just flat out lost its way. Fitzgerald will outcoach Hoke and the Wildcats will hustle the Wolverines for a two score win.

Gary Wilson: The battle for the worst in the Legends. At the beginning of the season, I never dreamt either team would be in their positions floundering at the bottom of the rankings. I’m gonna wager that Fitz gets his first B1G win. Northwestern by the skin of their teeth.

Michigan State at Nebraska

Ryan Osbahr: The only game of any substance this week. Let me first say that I think Michigan State is the better team. Without a doubt. But Nebraska has the juice at home and they have a rejuvenated season with what has transpired the last 2 weeks. Every fiber in me wants to pick Sparty here, but my head tells me Nebraska escapes in a thriller.

Dane Marvin: NU has found ways to win the past two weeks. But it will take more than finding a way to win versus a Spartans defense that surrenders only around 200 yards per game. It will take near-perfect execution from two young QBs who aren’t quite yet up to the task. Spartans win & control the Legends division.

James Needham: Biggest game of the day in the Big Ten, but Michigan State keeps on rolling to that date with Ohio State. Spartans by two touchdowns.

J.P. Scott: The focus is all on Michigan State’s defense, but I have yet to see anything from the Spartans that tells me they can consistently move the ball against Nebraska’s defense, especially given how the Huskers have performed over the last two weeks. Between the home crowd in Lincoln and the will of Ameer Abdullah, my choice for Big Ten Player of the Year to this point, I like Nebraska to pull out a close win by a field goal or less in a low-scoring game.

Gary Wilson: Game of the year. Tommy and the tailback vs the Spartan Dawgs. This is Nebraska’s biggest hurdle. The Spartans are due for their yearly choke job. Nebraska is due for their full four quarter performance. It could be, but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m going to be in Lincoln to watch this defense dismantle what was once predicted to be the second coming of the scoring explosion. Pfffft….Nebraska will be lucky to find the end zone and probably won’t. Michigan State by a field goal.


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  1. nick
    November 15, 2013 at 10:08 am

    Solid stuff here guys. I’m gonna be watching Nebbie tomorrow as well with some Husker fans and will probably find myself going for them. Gary, your gymnast line cracked me up. Thankfully we don’t gave to see The King attempt any kind of gymnastics. Keep up the good work all of ya.

  2. admin
    November 15, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Thanks for reading, Nick.

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