It’s Been a Great Ride. Thank You.


This will be the last post on Know It All Football.

I started the site for selfish reasons. I wanted a platform for my views and takes on the game of football that I had total control over. I wanted to build a site that people read and reacted to — for better or worse.

“I” became “We”, and in the end, we accomplished much more.

We wrote articles that ended up on We wrote articles that other media members wrote and talked about nationwide. We appeared on talk radio shows across the country. Our work was honored by our peers in the form of awards.

The site became the vehicle I always wanted it to be for myself. It led to me landing a paid gig with one of the most respected outlets that covers college football.  More importantly, it allowed faces in the crowd of football fans to become writers. It served as a stepping stone for a couple of amateur writers to move on to paid positions at national outlets. For others, it simply served as a fun hobby — and that’s pretty cool.

We allowed a kid from Pennsylvania to carry on his late uncle’s legacy. We helped a University of Tennessee student earn college credit toward his degree. I’m probably more proud of those two things than anything else we ever did on Know It All Football.

We made people laugh. We made people cry. And I know for a fact we made a lot of people angry. Football fans are passionate, and we used that passion as a vehicle to take our site to places we never thought possible — again — for better or worse.

We have no regrets, and for that reason, we are comfortable moving on. The site served its original purpose and then some. You the reader are the reason for the success we had. We are grateful for your support and the support of our friends and families.

The site will remain live — at least until someone hacks it and shuts it down — and the work done by those who were a part of the site will remain right here.

If you are reading this, then you probably already know where to find the work that our writers will continue to do.

Thanks for reading.



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