Richest Football Clubs in the World: United top the list

Football has a huge brand now – it is a billion dollar business in the modern days. With the rise of broadcast and branding of clubs, the net value has increased significantly over the years. Out of pure curiosity, Barun Pandey takes a look at the richest football clubs in the world.

Net worths were taken from Deloitte. 

10. Juventus £255.1 million

Italian top leagues suffered a major setback following Italian football scandal. One of Europe’s historic leagues, Serie A is no more a big fish in a sea dominated vastly by the likes of Premier League and La Liga. However, their top club Juventus are slowly re-entering the frame as they look to top Europe’s richest football clubs.
Their rebranding of the logo certainly caught many eyebrows, but the club’s move is a step in right direction as far as their net value goes.

9. Liverpool  £302 million

Liverpool are England’s second most successful club – but their recent woes have put them down the radar regarding their value as a club.
They are ninth in the richest club lists which is still a splendid achievement given their lack of Champions League involvement.

8. Chelsea  £334.6 million

Chelsea fall the rankings of the richest football clubs in the world – with the club going in a different direction now. They are a constant feature in the top 5.
The London club is now self-dependent, and their restructuring of the stadium will only go on to increase their value.

7. Arsenal  £350.4 million

With the most expensive season ticket in football, Arsenal fans pay a lot of money to watch their team flounder.

6. Paris St-Germain  £389.6 million

Paris St-Germain are arguably the richest club in world football owing to their rich owners, Qatar Sports Investments. This instance, however, is their first ranking outside the top 5 after the takeover.

5. Manchester City  £392.6 million

Manchester City finally entered the Champions League semifinal last season, improving on their fragilities in Europe.
City have been able to attract mega merchandise offers, and their executives are quite efficient in making crucial commercial deals.

4. Bayern Munich  £442.7 million

Bayern Munich recorded a 25% increase for the last season, as they won two national honours in Pep Guardiola’s final season.
The German champions look a club very much in up, as they continue their dominant form in Bundesliga.

3. Real Madrid  £463.8 million

Real Madrid earned a steady annual gain of 7%. However, it wasn’t enough to keep them at the summit of richest football clubs.
The Los Blancos won their eleventh Champions League title last season and their exquisite performances continue in the pitch.

2. Barcelona  £463.8 million

Barcelona top their La Liga rivals in this year’s chart. The Catalan giants are the reigning La Liga champions; however, their income source for last season was increased from an unlikely source.
The reigning La Liga champions have a plenty to think about in the summer – as they seek for Luis Enrique’s replacement.
‘The Boss’ used Camp Nou earning the Spanish giants approximately 8 million euros.

1. Manchester United £515.3 million

Huge sponsorship deals with Adidas and Chevrolet helped Manchester United top this year’s rankings. It is even impressive considering their faltering performances on the pitch.
The Red Devils indeed hold a major value to investors, and the further additions of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba have solidified their position.

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